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Contrary to common belief, restoring a house to its former glory after it has burned is a lot more challenging as compared to extinguishing the fire. The entire process will require a lot of professional, and out of the box thinking because when you have a fallen roof, pooled water on the floor, damp walls and carpets, and oily soot sitting on all household item, a standard strategy won’t work.

However, don’t lose hope because even though you may think that nothing is going to work and everything will go to waste, a lot of things will be repairable. These items can be reconditioned back to their original state and Anaheim fire Damage Restoration will help you solve all you fire damage problems.

Equipment used to restore fire damage:

  • Dehumidifier: to remove humidity from air
  • Electric heat drying system: to dry damp fabrics, carpets and upholstery textile
  • Air conditioners: to cool down the house structures that are still hot from fire
  • Air movers: to vent smoke contaminated air out of the house
  • Water extraction pumps: to remove water accumulated after fire fighting
  • Duct drying equipment: to dry air vents and ducts in the house.
  • TSP cleaners: to remove soot and smoke stains from different surfaces.

Anaheim Fire Damage Restoration doesn’t just take care of recent fire damages but very old ones as well. These are the damages which may have never been noticed before or ignored by the contractor who you hired. Because of this, you must always ensure that the fire damage restoration work is completed by your restoration contractor.

This is why; you must approach the right company so you can find professionals to work for you.

Anaheim Fire Damage Services:

Let us take a look at what Anaheim’s Fire Damage provides.

  • 24/7 emergency call
  • Fast paced onsite response, within 30 mins
  • Certified and experienced professionals
  • Smart technology
  • Quality and cost-effective clean up
  • Repair and storage facility
  • Customized work plan according to client’s need

How Anaheim Fire Damage Restoration takes care of Fire Damage Clean up?

Skill and experience is what distinguishes us from other companies. We give special attention to cleanup and repair details. We give you 100% quality assurance so you and your family can return to your home.

Anaheim Fire Damage Restoration has the following step by step approach to clean up

  • Scrutinize: We conduct a thorough exam on damage details of the house. Our fire damage experts make an inventory of things that can be restored and structures that need to be repaired. From furniture to clothes and sub floors, we’ll make sure that there is no fire damage left unresolved.
  • Cleanup: Fire residues and wrecks are removed from the house. Everything that has been broken down by fire and is in an irreparable state is thrown out. The house is cleared from all debris. Then begins the soot clean-up. Meanwhile your furniture is sent to a work shop for damage repair and the clothes are sent to laundry.
  • Treatment: The house is then treated with antimicrobial agents and fogger to prevent growth of fungus and smoke odor respectively.
  • Want to know more about our services? Call us for all kinds of fire and water damage restoration and we will reach at fire emergency site in no time.


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